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Job Information

Brentwood Place Four Floor Technician in Dallas, Texas

Job Type: Full-Time

Benefits Available for Full-Time employees


  • 401(k)

  • Dental Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

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We believe that nursing is a work of the heart. To provide the best resident care, we promote a culture that is both employee and patient based. We build on trust, compassion and strong communication. We reward our employees with competitive wages, raises and bonuses. Come join our family today! Walk in at 3505-2 S. Buckner Blvd Dallas TX or call us at ( 214) 381-1815 for on-the-spot interviews! [BW4]

Don’t be a stranger come apply! We accept walk-in interviews.

3505-2 S. Buckner Blvd Dallas TX 75227-5451, or call at (214) 381-1815

Job Summary

Performs day-to-day activities of the housekeeping and maintenance department in accordance with current Federal, State, and Local standards, guidelines and regulations governing our facility, and as may be directed by the Administrator and/or supervisor. Responsible for total floor care and facility maintenance to ensure a clean, safe and comfortable environment. [BW4]

Principal Responsibilities

• Follows work assignments from supervisor and follows schedule to wash, seal, wax and buff all floors in the facility.

• Performs assignments from supervisor which could include maintenance tasks, not limited to, checking and replacing light bulbs, cleaning lint from dryers, vents and registers in resident rooms and other areas; Keeps grounds cleared of debris. Sweeps front entrance and patio areas, cleans ash trays, and ensure outside furniture is clean and usable; Hoses out garbage cans; Washes windows and screens outside the building as assigned; Assists with lubricating potty-chair, wheelchairs, shower chairs, wheeled Geri chairs, drug carts, etc.

• Performs a variety of general housekeeping/cleaning duties in various areas to maintain the center in a sanitary, safe, attractive, and orderly condition.

• Receives assignments from supervisor and follows cleaning schedule as outlined for housekeeping department to clean offices, handicap and visitor’s restrooms, activity room, kitchen restroom, service entrance and therapy room, entrances and exits, utility areas, closets, lounges, lobbies, halls, etc.; Performs emergency housekeeping.

• Cleans, dusts, washes, and disinfects all fixtures, floors, walls, doors, and ceilings, as required; Scours and polishes water fountains, sinks, mirrors, glass panels in doors and partitions, brass and movable and stationary furnishings and fixtures; Changes slip covers, scarves, doilies, etc. when soiled and arranges furniture and equipment in an orderly fashion; Cleans ledges, shelves, vents, windows, window sills, etc.; Removes and re- hangs curtains, drapes, and dividers for cleaning when needed; Replenishes soap and towels in appropriate receptacles.

• Clean furnishings and horizontal surfaces to remove dust and dirt.

• Works with residents, nurses, physicians, department leaders and other staff members regarding environmental services requests, infection prevention, service resolution opportunities, and other interdepartmental matters. Provides timely follow-up for information to requesting departments. Communicates and consults with management on best practices.

• Performs housekeeping/cleaning duties and maintenance tasks as defined in the environmental program.

• Obtains list of rooms and areas to be cleaned immediately and list of prospective admissions and/or discharges to maintain room readiness.

• Clean floors, to include sweeping, dusting, damp/wet mopping, disinfecting, etc.; Ensures that appropriate caution/safety signs are properly set up prior to performing such duties.

• Ensure that work/assignment areas are clean and that equipment, tools, supplies, etc., are properly stored at all times, as well as before leaving such areas for breaks, meal times, and end of the work day.

• Clean carpets with appropriate machine and chemicals; Perform floor care on tile floor using appropriate machine and chemicals; Follows procedures for stripping and waxing floors.

• Monitors and replenishes cleaning products as required; Inventories stock to ensure adequate supplies; Uses industrial cleaning equipment and products; Utilizes supplies and equipment properly and without waste; Returns any unused supplies to proper area; Leaves soiled materials and trash in designated areas, and cleans carts and equipment.

• Supports the housekeeping/laundry department and fulfills vacant position to meet center needs.

• Other duties, responsibilities and activities may change or assigned at any time with or without notice.


• Highschool diploma or equivalency preferred.

• One year’s work experience in a commercial establishment with knowledge of laundry/housekeeping procedures.